Monday, March 20, 2006

Immortal Productions


  • Defenders Of The Faith

  • Mission Impossible

  • Poetic Justice

  • Saint Soldier

  • Sweet Revenge

  • AK-47 Tigerstyle

  • Blood For Blood

  • Blue Star-Navdeep

  • Immortal Productions-Punjab

  • Jago-Tigerstyle

  • Let Them Know

  • No Stopping Us

  • Rain Of Fire-XS Bass

  • Wanted-Dead or Alive

  • Warcries


  • Intro

  • WakeUp Call

  • Newsflah 1984

  • Battle Of Chamkaur

  • Creation Of Nation

  • Tribute To Baba Thakur Singh Ji

  • Jhoolde Kesri Chande

  • Shaheedi

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    At 7:14 PM, Anonymous H Kaur said...

    have u got version 4 aswell :)

    At 12:54 AM, Blogger jaibir said...

    hey thanx for the songs...........

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